Barbells and Kettlebell class 

It's official!! Starting October 5th we will now be offering a 6 am class on Monday's, Wednesday's & Friday's.

Barbells and Kettlebells. This class will be a mixture of strength and endurance. Programs will be built by me personally and change every 4-6 weeks with a new focused lift. If you're into the bootcamps and cross-fit or cross training style of training this will be perfect for you. It is on the more advanced level but we can help you build your strength up with simple modifications. We have room for 8. Once it is full we will stop enrollment so you can get the most out of your sessions. I will coach the class and help every step of the way. It's like having a personal trainer in a small group environment.

Pricing: 3 days a week $75 a month. Memberships due 5th of every month. If you want to add two days more and partake in the Tuesday and Thursday Bootcamp sessions at 5:30 am then price is $125 a month. Memberships due 5th of every month.


 Tuesday & Thursday @ 5:30 am 

This class is only open to our unlimited Kettlebell members. Must have been to a Intro to Kettlebell class to participate. This is for your safety.

Full body work out.

Includes weight training and cardio all in 45 mins

This classes included Kettlebells and unconventional fitness training. That may include,kettlebell swings, sprinting, box jumps, jump ropes, pull ups, battle ropes, ball slams, sled pulling and tire flipping.

​Learn how to lift without getting bulky. Strong is the new skinny.