Kettlebell Testimony – Karin Davis


I originally heard about going to the kettlebell workout class through a friend.  When I went to my first class with Laura, I realized I was not as in shape as I thought …. I have always been thin, however when Laura started showing me the basic maneuvers with the bells, I realized I had no core muscle strength what so ever!!  In fact, it even took me over a month to even start swinging a bell!!   


I love kettlebells!  I am amazed at how just simple routines can make such an impact on one’s body.  Through the bells, I immediately experienced improved strength, a boost in confidence, more muscle definition, weight loss and increase energy!  This was exciting!  I definitely needed this in my life! 


I attend group classes two times a week and love it. Laura's approach is terrific; she explains and demonstrates all moves eloquently, with patience and understanding.  Let me restate patient… she is very patient with me!!!  If you cannot get a technique down, she will work with you or figure out a different way for you to get understand the technique.  This is very important.  Her classes are a pleasure and full of extra tidbits (health and nutrition).  She is always prepared and has the routine planned for the evening.  Laura is very personable and easy to get to know.  She makes everyone feel at home when one comes to her classes.  I walk away feeling tired, but exhilarated at the same time.

I can't recommend Laura enough; she cares about her clients and is committed to helping all of her clients achieve their maximum potential, not only in fitness, but also in life!   I am excited to see what I can go on and do with kettlebells… but I know I can’t do that without Laura!  She is the Kettlebell Queen! 


We live in a fast pace world. Why spend 1 1/2 hours in the gym when you can spend 45 mins with a certified Kettlebell instructor and get more for your money and for your body.

At Kettlebell360 we encourage safety and focus on technique. We start with the fundamentals and teach you how to be StrongFirst!

-Burning fat and increasing lean muscle mass
- Enhancing balance, coordination and flexibility
- Increasing and developing rock-hard core stability
- Improving sports performance
- Shaping legs, back and shoulders
- Firming and lifting glutes