It takes a "one on one" session or a small group Intro session to get trained in the fundamentals of the movements.

If you choose the "one on one" it will include a meal plan, measurements, before pictures and a Functional Movement Screen along with the mobility drills and fundamental movements.


If you choose Intro that will cover the 3 basic movements,

Deadlift, Swing and the Goblet squat.

We will also assess everyones movement patterns and teach

proper warm ups and stretching techniques.


We hold a small group Intro to kettlebells a few 

days during each month! NEXT INTRO TBA


Please call to reserve your spot. 


(must attened intro prior to enrolling)

We will work on the fundamental movements. 

Hip hinge, deadlift, swing, goblet squat.

Beginner sessions times & days

Days: Monday & Thursdays

Time: 5:15 pm

(You must book these appointments with studio before attending)

 Level 1,2,3 session times & days

Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday's  
Time: 5:15 am
Days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday's 
Time: 6 pm

Advanced member session and open gym times & days

Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday's

Time: 12 pm

Days: Saturday

Time: 9 am

Monday, Wednesday and Friday open gym  @ 9am-10am

Monday-Friday call to get started


Sessions will last 45-60 minutes. Always lots of swings in these classes along with complex exercises for the metabolic burn. 

(must attend intro to kettlebells before coming to these sessions)

​​Enroll in an Intro class and pre pay online here.