Are you ready to learn all about how to train with the Kettlebell? 

​Your next opportunity is on August 5th at 10 am

​This workshop is for anyone looking to become more profient with the kettlebell.

Our coaches will train you how to properly use the Kettlebell and how to program for your sessions to get the most out of your workouts. 

Kettlebells are a wonderful tool of strength. You get strength without the added bulk. You want to be able to move fast and be strong without the extra weight.

This is great for any athlete looking to put the extra edge on your sport. Run faster, jump higher and have more speed and strength development out of your hips and posterior chain. 

This workshop will start at 10 am and conclude no later than 2pm. If the crowd is smaller it could get done earlier. The cost is $50 person. Come check us out and see what we can add to your strength box.

Workshop outline

How to properly warm up 
Discuss the TGU and proper progressions to work on to get to complete your first one.
Program design and nutrition if time allows.

​Call 918-378-2614 to enroll

Coaches workshop.

Do you own a fitness facility? Do your clients enjoy using the kettlebell? Would you like for your coaches to have a better understanding on how to correctly train with them?

This will be a 4 hour workshop.

You will learn proper warm up and mobility followed by the fundamental kettlebell movements Deadlift, Swing, Goblet and Turkish get up. We also go through correctives drills to help your staff get their clients to move better.

Other topics covered:
​Finisher options
TSC prep
Joint mobility

Use Kettlebells to...
Hack away your fat-without the dishonor of dieting and aerobics.
Boost your physical resilience- to repel the hardest hits.
Build strength and endurance.
Gain more flexibility, mobility and stability with NO IMPACT TO JOINTS.
Develop all-purpose strength- to easily handle handle the toughest and most unexpected demand.
Maximize staying power-because the last round decides all.
Forge a fighters physique- because the form must follow the function. (ETK)

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